About service

ViCheck is a service that focuses on identifying the best online casinos in Canada.

The purpose of the service was the urgent need to sort gambling sites. However, since today the gambling industry is growing rapidly, it is increasingly difficult to determine which online casino is reliable and which is not.

So, a few enthusiasts who themselves love to spend time playing cards or spinning slot reels decided to allow everyone to have a positive experience with gambling. Since the creators of the service themselves have repeatedly encountered fraud, they took the tool’s algorithm very seriously.

Using the ViCheck service, you can find the most favourable conditions and most importantly – you can play games only at online casinos with a reliable reputation.

The importance of such a tool is that Canadians have no way to know what to look for when choosing an online casino without reliable evaluations of various gaming sites. And where to play safely. Moreover, the ViCheck service provides a full selection of casinos recommended by other real players. So this service is really a great help for all those players who want to have a good time in virtual gambling halls and not worry about safety.

For the service to work as best as possible and qualitatively, we have attracted only the most experienced professionals working in online gambling for more than one year. They conduct thorough reviews and study all aspects of online casinos, from the ease of registration to the support service. Of course, checking the license is also one of the most important steps in ranking a site.

ViCheck founders

Darius Jast

Founder and CEO

I’m the founder of ViCheck and my job is to make sure the service grows in a sustainable, exciting way.

Darius Jast

Lance Walker

Founder, Managing Director

I lead a team of managers who have overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the service ViCheck. I drive the development phase of new business areas, and manage service level improvements.

Lance Walker

Marvin Dooley

Director of PR & Strategy

I manage the entire integrated marketing communications program for ViCheck, coordinated by my team. I create strategies that increase online traffic, drive awareness, and improve our brand image.

Marvin Dooley